Mobile Application Development

1. Mobile Internet traffic constitutes 25% of the total Internet traffic in the world.

2. 95% of smart phone users search for information tied to local points, brands and data.

3. 60% of online shoppers use smart phones inside grocery stores and supermarkets, and another 50%, on the way to the store.

Mobile Application Devlopment

4. In 2013 and 2014, nearly half a billion Internet tablets were sold worldwide.

5. Every 100 milliseconds, during which a user is forced to wait for the next page to load on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet, reduces sales by 1%.

6. Mobile search engines today account for a quarter of all search queries in the world.

7. Users of mobile devices spend 50% more on buying than PC users.

Mobile apps are growing steadily. You cannot deny the fact that your business needs an app sooner or later. Mobile apps would not just enhance the operational front of your business but would in turn help you in:

Increased brand awareness
Strengthen brand image
Stay competitive by embracing mobile future
Expand Customer Base
Showcase Services & Products
Promote your products & services
Consumer insights through digital analytics
Increase web traffic
Proximity with customers
Top-of-mind status
Location based targeting
Instant interactive communication

Mobile apps is considered to be being ahead of the businesses today in terms of taking marketing to the next level. Mobile apps is a direct marketing channel which enhances customer loyalty and boost the customer value. Businesses need their own mobile apps to avail the benefits of mobile age!