Digital Marketing Services

"Are you reaching your target market?"

Through Our Digital Marketing Services, you can!

Digital Marketing has become a way of life for the businesses who look to leverage the powers offered by web, mobile and multimedia.

We are a digital marketing agency in Dubai with talented professional team members who are perfect mix of creativity & technical knowledge. Our expertise lies in delivering results with the best design & strategic plan for your online presence!


How can we help you?

Accurately identify which digital strategies will be most beneficial for your company.

Bring down the cost per lead by targeting the right customers through the right methods.

Achieve greater results by reducing the CPA and increasing the profit.

Digital Marketing Agencies comes into play when:

You want to gain attention of your customers who are active online users
You want know exactly how many customers are talking about you online
You want to tap the customers who are tracking you online
Your competitors are availing the benefits of online marketing
Your customers feel privileged to be connected with you
You want to stay ahead of the competition
You feel importance of digital marketing strategies like SEO, SMO, PPC etc.
Consumers are always on search of finer, cost-effective and quality products. We help you inform your target audience about your strengths through different marketing strategies-

Search Engine Optimization in UAE

Our experienced SEO team can help you to achieve your goal to reach better ranking for your website for targeted keywords. Google is one of the top search engine we are concentrating to rank your website, however based on your customer base we also consider other search engines too. We are providing SEO Services in Dubai and abroad.
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Reviews: 23

Social Media Marketing in UAE

Social Media becoming an inevitable part of business development strategies in 2016. We can help you to grow the social media presence of your business with effective social media marketing strategies. Social media is one of the best medium for bringing viral traffic to your website. We do both SMO and SMM.
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Content Writing Services in UAE

Everyone knows that content is king, however not every content fall in to that category. Only unique and high quality content will work today. We Create quality content for your websites, blog articles, press releases, white papers, etc… You can effectively distribute your content among targeted customers using our content marketing services.
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Reviews: 45

Pay Per Click Management in UAE

Do you want to reach out your customers instantly? We can help you to find potential customers for your business within hours using our effective PPC advertising strategies. We use Google, Bing and yahoo paid advertising solutions and social media PPC advertising solutions. Our Effective PPC management services can bring you better ROI.
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Reviews: 32

Email Marketing Services in UAE

Email Marketing is an effective method to reach your customers directly. You may have a list of customers to whom you want to send emails. Else we can create an email list of genuine customers for you. In both cases you will get benefitted by our affordable email marketing services. If you want customer leads please go through our lead generation services.
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Reviews: 23

Video Marketing Services in UAE

Videos can make an immediate effect on your customers for take an action to purchase your product or services. Most of the people watch a video about the product or service that they are going to purchase in order to take a purchasing decision. We can help you to create a persuasive sale video about your business and we can deliver it to targeted customers using various resource of video marketing.
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Reviews: 23

Mobile Marketing Services in UAE

Mobile marketing is a multichannel promotion to the mobile devices of targeted customers. This methodology consist of SMS marketing, Mobile App based marketing, In Game Mobile Advertising, etc… We can also promote your mobile application for maximum installations among consumers. Use our mobile marketing services to reach out your customer on their mobile devices.
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Reviews: 25

Content Marketing Services in UAE

As we already mentioned in content writing services “content is king”. In order to get benefit from the quality content you created you should distribute it among interested people. By using our content marketing services you can effectively distribute your content among targeted audience. We accept almost any type of content from press releases to multimedia presentations.
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Web Analytics & Reporting in UAE

Are you are not getting better ROI on your marketing efforts?
How to track the efficiency of online and offline promotions of your business?
We are providing effective tracking of customer visits on your website from both online and offline marketing efforts. We are using Google analytics platform to track customer engagement on your website along with specific goal conversion strategies. Analytics reports will be send to you on monthly basis.
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Lead Generation Services in UAE

Last but not least in our digital marketing services is our lead generation services. Every business need genuine customers for their business. As a digital marketing agency in Dubai we are expertise in creating quality sales leads for your business. Go through our lead generation service page for more details about this awesome service.
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Digital Marketing Services

Google Partnership

Google Partnership

Fortius Technologies has been recognized as one of Google’s Partners. This is a significant achievement for us. It means that we need to meet a higher level of qualification, training and customer support. This acts as an endorsement of our quality and reliability. We look forward to providing end-to-end customer service, guidance and support to take your business to the next level, so that you can focus on running your own business.

The services we offer within the purview of Digital Marketing include but are not limited to :

  •   Strategic Marketing Consulting
  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Search Engine Marketing
  •   Social Media Optimization
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Pay Per Click Management
  •   Email Marketing Services
  •   Video Marketing Services
  •   Mobile Marketing Services
  •   Lead Generation Services
  •   Press Release Distribution
  •   Infographic Distribution
  •   Content Marketing Services
  •   Conversion Rate Optimization
  •   Web Analytics & Reporting