How to Create a High Converting Sales Copy

When it comes to online marketing your sales page is an important factor. When you create a sales copy for marketing, you need a very narrow focus so that you’re able to communicate with your visitor and convince them to purchase your product or service. 

Keep your sales copy moving along by constantly engaging your potential customer.  If your sales copy doesn’t get you excited about your product, don’t expect that it will convert visitors into customers.

You want to guide your visitors’ attention to the most important elements of your copy using bullet points, headlines and sub-headlines and other visual cues. Keep them glued to your copy!

Use short, concise sentences so that visitors can quickly scan your copy for the information that’s most important to them.

Don’t bog them down with endlessly long paragraphs of text.  And use images or video content whenever possible to maximize engagement and humanize your brand.

Speak their language. Use everyday language, as though you are talking to a friend.

Your visitors will feel more relaxed when reading your sales copy if they aren’t forced to Google unfamiliar words.

If your product is aimed at beginners, using everyday language, rather than fancy wording, will also ensure that they aren’t overwhelmed or concerned that they won’t be able to utilize your product effectively because it’s too advanced for them.  Your sales page is not the place to show off your linguistic skills.

Find out:

  • What kind of terminology do they use?
  • How would they describe the product/services they purchase?
  • How do they describe the problem?
  • What are their demographics?

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to create sales copy that speak directly to them.

Add a No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Remove all risks to your buyer by offering a no questions asked, money-back guarantee on your sales page. This tells visitors that you believe in your product and aren’t afraid to stand behind it by ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchase.
The increase in sales will always make up for any refunds you need to process!

Use Power Words
Words such as “Special, Limited, Exclusive, Uncover, Success and Winning” are all positive words that evoke emotion. Sprinkle them throughout your copy and make sure you use at least one power word in your headline and sub-headlines as well as throughout your copy.
Use Compelling CTA’s
Your call to action is one of the most important elements of a successful sales page. Make sure that you are using tangible action verbs that spur visitors into taking action (for example, “Reserve your seat”, “Claim your Copy”).
Provide a clear value proposition
Visitors care about one thing: how your product or service benefits them, so make sure you clearly state the benefits upfront. Features are important as well, but outlining how your product will help them or solve their problem is even more so.

Tell potential buyers what is special about your product. How it’s different than other products on the market and how it will help them solve a problem.

Give your visitor’s a reason to continue reading your sales page right away by showcasing the greatest advantage and the biggest benefit to the offer you are promoting.

That way, if your reader doesn’t connect with anything else, and even if they fail to continue reading the rest of the page, they are aware of the greatest reason they should respond to the offer.

Provide Social Proof
If you have a strong social media presence, add your social-media follower count to the footer of your sales page.

Not only will this help to increase conversions by demonstrating that you have solidified a brand in your niche, but it will encourage visitors who aren’t quite ready to make the purchase, become part of your social media community.

Be Clear with Your USP

Another important element of branding is finding your company’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Some people call this the Unique Selling Point. Either way, your brand must offer something that sets you apart from the competition—something they don’t or can’t offer—to differentiate you from your competitors.

What makes you different? Why should someone choose your company or products over your competitors’?

That is what you must figure out and then integrate that USP into your sales copy as well as all other aspects of your sales funnel.

Use Testimonials & Case Studies
Consider adding testimonials into your sales page of positive responses that you’ve received from existing customers.  This tells your visitors that the product has worked for other people.

Make sure your testimonials are from every-day customers, just like the visitors on your page, and not from experts or gurus (unless your product is targeting that demographic).

This is important because if you are selling a product to a beginner, you want them to understand that no special skills or experience is needed in order to take advantage of your offer.

People will better relate to testimonials and case studies that are at their level.

Be Real, Be Honest

Consumers are savvy. They aren’t going to fall for hype-based sales pitches so keep focused on writing clear, honest, and compelling copy that isn’t based on outrageous claims. 

People will see right through over-hyped offers and you’ll not only lose their trust, you’ll lose the sale.

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