Are you facing issues on generating quality leads?

The marketing and sales team in many organizations are often at contradictory though they share the cumulative goal of revenue and turnover
High lead volumes generated through effective marketing are mostly poorly qualified leads resulting in wasted efforts from sales as well as the marketing team

The potential of a lead generation sources comes into play here since a product or service in today’s competitive environment has promising future only with high quality leads. Moreover, lead generation sources also act as a time saver for the organizations as they can implement their resources in converting the leads to clients

When it comes to generating quality leads, there are many questions on what precisely can be called a quality lead.

To validate a quality lead, the following points need to be considered

  • Demographics and firmographics
  • Correctness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Objective fulfillment

Demographics and firmographics

In Demographics, we get all the basic personal details of the targeted audience as in the Name, Age, race, job of an individual. Whereas Firmographics describe businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities that can be used to combine individual firms into meaningful market segments. In essence, firmographics are to businesses and organizations what demographics are to people.

With the above information, one can tailor their message with respect to the segments. One need to concentrate on the buying signals acquired from these segments and target them accordingly.


One cannot move on when the much data is collected. Since its vital to validate the data received are accurate.

The information such as the phone number, email addressed are authentic. It’s also very necessary to verify the marketing campaigns are directed to the receptors of highest probability of being converted as clients.


While the above information is used for profiling the leads, it does not indicate their buying intent. So, it’s necessary to generate leads of consumers with a definite or prospective intention of purchasing a product within a given time frame.

Objective Fulfillment

The longer a wait is, the less likelihood would be the purchase. For the time spend on the lead generations to be worthwhile, its utmost necessary to do the follow-up at the earliest. To achieve the objectives and to emphasize the possible gains in the leads generated it is extremely essential to initiate an early interaction between the organization and the consumer.

Thus, a good quality leads that aligns with your overall business will improve your success rate and also ensures your product or service reaches the target market at the appropriate time.

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