"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor"


Every Story has a beginning and our story began in 2014 with his creative idea of – “Designing the imagination”.


He says -“They told me that to design my imagination into reality I had to be creative…..but every time I be creative they are charmed about my imagination”

Our Designer who was always busy in looking at the walls, imagining things everywhere, talking about the arts and sketches suddenly came up with a small idea of establishing something which can help people and their work.


He thought about making a plan for which he had a Coloring book, some crayons, few chalk pieces and the most valuable asset his imagination with him. He smiled and said….this is it!!

He designed an idea and started this story. He spoke to his friends, went to the universities and communicated with the youngsters who are enthusiastic and interested in internships, collected feedback from the general public , ensured satisfactory groundwork and went back home to collect all his savings and finally started a “House of Designing”.

He recruited a small group of students for his team by brainstorming them with all the innovative and artistic questions that he had in his mind and finally inaugurated Fortius Technologies.

He believes in “Fun at Work”, every creative mind in the company is given equal freedom to talk about the new ideas. He encouraged them to be curious about things even if they are wrong and doubtful. They are trained well about the concepts and rest is left for their decision making to analyze and generate results in flying colors.

The team started with the concepts of digital marketing techniques, web designing, search engine optimization and social media marketing solutions.

A small team who came up with a supermarket business approached I creative mind for their needs. They wanted an easy and effective e-commerce website to be designed for their supermarket for the crowd of Dubai.

They mainly aimed on the women population in Dubai who could shop easily and comfortably sitting at home for their home needs and accessories.

Our team took this project up by identifying the requisite of the client, prepared the complete business plan and executed the total development of e-commerce website.

Our proposal included digital marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine optimization, complete content management, Payment gateway integration and Branding. The supermarket successfully launched the ecommerce website in UAE. They got benefited with large traffic on the website with continues purchases and a famous brand image in Dubai.

This journey fruitfully continued with implementations on much bigger projects like Prologix, Capsoft, Triliux, Punjabi Khu, Car Doctor, Tview, Octagon International and many more.

With the upmost support of our team as a backbone and their creative hard work we could develop our team Strength. We proudly announce the progression of our team from 6 to 40 workforce which motivates us in delivering new creative concepts and best services to our clients.

2016 proved to be lucky and prosperous for us with uninterrupted flow of projects we acquired in UAE. Our research team who works on exploring the digital media market says many of the SMB and enterprise level organizations are adopting digital marketing techniques in UAE to modernize with the altering technology.

Are you Creative??? Can you think out of the box to do something creative and reputed for your business……If yes, then I creative mind is the platform for you to renovate your business to E-commerce. There are various companies in the market to deliver Digital Marketing Solutions in UAE however we differ in designing your imagination with the practical resolutions.

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